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Connect! From FIELD

Connect! From FIELD

The Connect! From FIELD Program is designed to bridge the gap between innovative startups and their dream corporate clients. Our structured approach ensures that startups receive the guidance and opportunities needed to establish valuable corporate partnerships.

Key Features of the Program:

Targeted Corporate Engagement: Startups have the opportunity to identify three corporates they aspire to work with and IIMV FIELD facilitates introductions and create platforms for meaningful interactions.

Mentorship and Guidance: Our program offers access to experienced mentors and industry experts who provide valuable insights and guidance to help refine business models and pitches.

Pitch Events: Selected startups will pitch their solutions directly to corporate representatives in a structured event, creating opportunities for partnerships, investments, or acquisitions.

Networking Opportunities: Engage with a diverse network of industry leaders, potential clients, and fellow innovators, expanding your professional connections and opening doors to new possibilities.

Resource Access: Gain access to resources and tools necessary for scaling your startup, including business development support, marketing strategies, and technical assistance.

This program at IIMV FIELD will consist of four Phases –

Phase 1
Outreach & Applications

During this phase, IIMV FIELD will be reaching out to startups expected to benefit through this program. Interested & eligible entrepreneurs, with at least an MVP can submit the application form.

Phase 2
Mentorship and Guidance

From the pool of applicants, up to 40 startups will be carefully selected based on their potential, innovation, and alignment with the interests of corporate partners.

Selected startups will undergo intensive one-to-one mentoring sessions with IIMV FIELD mentors and industry experts for a period of 6 weeks. These sessions are designed to refine their business models, enhance their pitching skills, and prepare them thoroughly for the upcoming pitch day, Connect From FIELD Day. Mentors will provide tailored guidance to help startups align their solutions with the needs and interests of their dream corporate clients.

At the end of Phase 2, based on their performance during the mentoring sessions, up to 30 startups will be selected to attend Connect from FIELD Day

Phase 3
Connect! From FIELD

On the 100th day of the program, which is called Connect! From FIELD, startups will present their products and solutions to an audience of corporate clients they aspire to work with. This event provides a unique platform for startups to showcase their innovations and engage directly with potential corporate partners. Corporates will have the opportunity to assess the pitches and decide on potential collaborations, or partnerships with startups.

Follow-Up and Support: Post-event, startups receive ongoing support to help nurture and grow the established connections.

Phase 4

The startups participating in the Connect! From FIELD will be provided 12-month long incubation support at IIMV FIELD. This will be provided virtually and/or physically by IIMV FIELD. During this phase, startups may also get financial grants based on the performance in this program and may be eligible for applying to any other seed funds available at IIMV FIELD.

Opportunities for Startups, Eligibility Criteria, Selection Criteria, Application Process, Application Form, Program Timelines

Click here  to download the program brochure which contains all the details.

Last Date for submitting the application form

30th June 2024 (Sunday) ; 23:59:59 Hrs

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