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Naaripreneur for Her Program

Naaripreneur for Her Program

Naaripreneur for Her Program at IIMV FIELD aims to focus on and support ventures led by women or ventures with solutions for women, all over India. The Program is funded by the CSR Initiatives of NBCC India Ltd, Delhi.

The objective of this program is to foster an environment where these ventures can flourish, breaking down barriers, promoting gender equality and economic empowerment of women in the entrepreneurial landscape. The program is also dedicated to nurturing and supporting initiatives that focus on improving women’s lives in various critical domains, including health, safety, education, financial independence, and enable the ventures to play an indispensable role in cultivating a more inclusive and empowered environment for women to excel and flourish across diverse facets of their lives.

By offering comprehensive support, including guidance, financial assistance, and access to IIMV FIELD networks, the program strives to enable these entrepreneurs to not only start their businesses but also help them navigate the challenges and complexities of the business world. The 15-month long Program will support upto 75 entrepreneurs in multiple phases and provide one year of incubation support for upto 25 promising ventures at IIMV FIELD.

This program at IIMV FIELD will consist of four Phases –

Phase 1
Outreach & Applications

During this phase, IIMV FIELD will be reaching out to startups expected to be benefitted through this program. Interested & eligible entrepreneurs, with a venture idea or with an already running venture, will need to submit the application form in our website.

Phase 2
Ideation Bootcamp

In this phase, upto 75 applicants will get shortlisted for a month-long ideation bootcamp. It will be conducted virtually by IIMV FIELD. During the bootcamp, the entrepreneurs will get inputs on various essential knowledge areas such as:
> Introduction to “Do Your Venture”
> Opportunities and Idea Generation
> Idea Validation and Evaluation
> Lean Canvas
After the completion of the bootcamp, the participants will be encouraged to submit a business plan (lean canvas & pitch video) for selection to the next phase of the program.

Phase 3

In this phase, upto 50 ventures will be shortlisted for a two-month long launchpad, where ventures will be given structured inputs on business and mentorship. It will be conducted virtually and physically by IIMV FIELD. The participants would learn what it takes to building a scalable, profitable, and sustainable business, such as:
> Objectives and Key Results
> Aspects of Marketing in Business Model
> Aspects of Operations in Business Model
> Aspects of Finance in Business Model
> Management of Performance and People in Organization
> Fundraising, Networking, Storytelling, etc
After the completion of the bootcamp, the progress of the ventures will be reviewed internally. The ventures will be shortlisted for a brief interaction with the Screening cum Evaluation Committee (SCEC) of IIMV FIELD, for selection to the next phase of the program.

Phase 4
Incubation Support

In this phase, upto 25 startups will be selected for a rigorous 12-month long incubation support at IIMV FIELD. This will be provided virtually and/or physically by IIMV FIELD. During this phase, startups may also get financial grants based on the performance in this program and may be eligible for applying to any other seed funds available at IIMV FIELD. This phase will end with a Demo Day connecting the startups with investors for fundraising, after comprehensive assessments of various factors.

Opportunities for Startups, Eligibility Criteria, Selection Criteria, Application Process, Application Form, Program Timelines

Click here  to download the program brochure which contains all the details.

Last Date for submitting the application form

6th Dec 2023 ; 23:59:59 Hrs

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