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Services Offered

Services Offered

Incubation Services include

Mentoring Support

From IIMV faculty, IIM alumni, Resident Mentors, successful entrepreneurs, domain experts, etc.; One to One/One to Many; Adhoc /Monthly Mentoring Sessions.; Last Mile Mentoring and Consultation Support.

Networking Support

With Institutions, Labs, Organizations, Resource persons, Entrepreneurs, IIMV Clubs etc, Networking Events (Physical/Virtual) and Investor Connects. Access to IIMV-FIELD’s Ecosystem partners and Network Institutions.

Infrastructure & Access to Learning Resources

Physical; Coworking spaces in the Incubation Center; Access to certain online & offline learning resources in the state-of-the-art IIMV Library and IIMV-FIELD’s library.

Capacity Building Programs

Access to Workshops, Masterclasses, Knowledge Series, Founders talk series, Ask me Anything Series, etc.

Promotions in Internal Digital media channels

Social Media Pages of IIMVFIELD / of Student Entrepreneurship Club – EPIC Club / of Student body Clubs/ of IIM Visakhapatnam, Through IIMV’s Quarterly Newsletters IIMV Vibes, Annual Reports etc.

Media Coverage

Through External Print and Digital Media channels.

Interns Support

IIMV PGP Students as Part time interns & Consultants for Marketing/Business
Development, etc.

Customized Business Challenge Competitions & Opportunities

Get solutions to specific Startup problems from IIMV PGP Students by involving them in Competitions, Challenges, Academic Projects Etc.

Business Communications

Pitch Decks, Social Media Posts, Application forms for various opportunities etc.

Startup Kit

Joining kit including access to YNOS, Microsoft Tools, Canva, Zoho etc; among 20+ services.

Shared Professional Services

For Company Registrations, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Legal, CA, IPR Support, etc at discount prices from our service providers .

Information about Live Opportunities

Opportunities of Events, Programs, Bootcamps for Incubation, acceleration, funding at our ecosystem Partners, Network Institutions, social media connections, etc; Through IIMV-FIELD’s WhatsApp Business Channel.